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Arm Injuries and Disorders Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Randolph, NJ

A surprising fact about your arms is that they are made up of only three bones! While this may seem like a very small number considering the overall amount of bones in the human body, there are a lot of tissues, tendons, and muscles that also make up your arms. With all these parts, it is very easy for something to go wrong with your arms, and it is important to know what to do when you sprain or hurt an important tendon or muscle in your arms.

At UrgiMed Urgent Care Randolph, NJ our team of medical professionals sees a variety of arm injuries and disorders every year, and has the experience to treat arm injuries quickly and efficiently. Some of the most common arm injuries that we see at UrgiMed Urgent Care are sprains and dislocations. Here is more information on these two types of arm injuries:


Sprains are torn or stretched ligaments, which connect the bones. This injury is usually caused by falling or high impact sports. One obvious sign of an arm sprain is being unable to move your joint (wrist, elbow, or shoulder).


Dislocations are injuries of the joint, where the bones are forced out of position. This injury is also caused by high impact sports or jolting movements. A sign of dislocation is usually a visible bone out of place and being unable to move your arm.

If you think that you have experienced an arm sprain or dislocation, or a different arm injury, you should see a medical professional as soon as possible. Fixing your arm injury as soon as possible will help you recover quickly and avoid further injury. Walk into UrgiMed Urgent Care Randolph, NJ today for fast and efficient medical attention!