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Flu Treatment in Randolph, NJ

Urgi-Med Urgent Care provides flu treatment in Randolph, NJ 7 days a week. Walk in, no appointment needed.

Throughout the year, catching the flu can be a possibility in every family, but it is most common in the fall and winter months when flu season rolls around. Taking the necessary precautions against the flu is a great way to prevent your loved ones from catching it this year, but many families in the Randolph area do not. One of the best ways to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccination, which is offered a few weeks before the flu season begins, and is specific to the flu strain for the year. Unfortunately for many families to elect not to get a flu shot or forget to, the flu can infect one person in the family and is highly contagious. Getting treatment for a bad case of the flu can be a stressful activity for many busy families, especially if everyone at home is sick.

At Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center in Randolph NJ, our medical professionals have the expertise and training to help you and your family recover quickly from the flu. Rather than sitting in a hospital urgent care center for hours on end, waiting for a physician or medical attention, our clinic in Randolph offers walk in urgent care services for the flu. Our goal is to help your busy family avoid long waiting times and have you feeling better and healthier as soon as possible. We know how uncomfortable and painful the flu can be for patients, and that it can strike at any time, especially if you do not have a flu vaccination. That is why our clinic is open during flexible hours every day of the week on a walk in basis.

Our entire team at Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center has experience in helping with flu treatment, from our doctors to nurses. All of our doctors are Board Certified and can provide you and your loved ones with the proper medications for a fast recovery from the flu. While a large chunk of recovering from the flu involves bed rest and rehydration, coming into our clinic for fast medical advice and treatment is a great way to stay on top of your health and feel better as soon as possible.

Flu symptoms can vary widely for each individual, but usually involve a fever, child, cough, muscle aches, congestion, headaches, or fatigue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is a great idea to come into Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center for a consultation from a physician. Our goal is to keep your family healthy and happy throughout the year, all through our top notch medical services offered by trained medical professionals. If you have any questions about flu treatment, flu symptoms, or flu prevention, please do not hesitate to give us a call or walk in today for fast and convenient urgent care services. Our team at Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center looks forward to keeping your family safe from the flu this year!