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Immigration Medical Exam in Randolph, NJ

URGI-MED Urgent Care Immigration Physical in Randolph, NJ

We are pleased to announce that we are an approved facility for U.S. Immigration Examinations.

  • Immigration Physicals
  • Canadian & Australian Immigration Physicals
  • Visa Examinations for all over the world

Our experienced and highly qualified doctors will give you FIRST CLASS service at economy prices.

Immigration Physical Checklist

Please have all of these items with you at the time of your physical, whatever is available and applicable to you from this list.

    1. I-693 Form and Instructions for Form I-693 (available to printout from our website)
    2. Urgi-med Registration Form
    3. Fasting for Blood work – only if needed (an MA will inform you if necessary)
    4. Passport
    5. Visa
    6. Social Security Card
    7. Alien Card
    8. Work Permit
    9. Passport Size Picture (just 1)
    10. Birth Certificate: translated if not in English with the original
    11. Marriage Certificate (if applicable): translated if not in English with the original
    12. Vaccination records (if available)
    13. Driver’s License (or spouses’)

Contact our office via phone: 973-891-1321

Email: www.urgimed.urgentcare@gmail.com

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