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Independent Medical Examinations at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Randolph, NJ

RUSH exams and file reviews

This is for when you need an independent Medical Examination or a file review with a quick turn around time frame. If necessary, RUSH file review can be turned around within twenty four hours of receipt and Independent Medical Examinations can be scheduled and reports in your hands within two weeks of receipt.

Independent Medical Evaluations

Standard Independent Medical Examinations for issues including, but not limited to contested claim allowance, requested additional allowances(s), extent of disability, Maximum Medical improvement, temporary total disability, excessive treatment, necessity of treatment, treatment plan and medical utilization.

Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluations

An Evaluation performed by our in-house Specialists (Psychological and Psychiatric doctors) who determines if, in fact, a psychological condition should be additionally allowed in the claim. This type of Evaluation can also be performed if a psychological condition has already been allowed in this claim and issues such as extent of disability. Maximum Medical improvement, temporary total disability, excessive treatment necessity of treatment. Treatment plan and medical utilization need to be addressed.

FMLA and other Non-Occupational Evaluations

These evaluations are performed when an employee has been off work for an extended period of time due to non-work related issued and the employer is trying to find out the employee’s current diagnosis or work status. Fitness for Duty/Pre-employment Physicals.

A Great Alternative to the Emergency Room

For those patients with non-critical emergencies or urgent problems, our URGI-MED walk in center offers you fast access to Physicians with highly qualified and experienced care.

We strive to make a definitive diagnosis and offer treatment for your problem. We find ER patients with non-critical problems are instructed to follow-up with their doctors for further help.

  • At URGI-MED continuity of care is important to us. If you need a follow-up, the same treating doctor will see you. In ER, that is impossible.
  • At URGI-MED, we keep our fees low and offer free medicines whenever available to uninsured patients. At the ER, that is impossible.
  • At URGI-MED, patient satisfaction is very high. Most of our patients walked in once and became our life time Family Medicine patient.