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Tick and Mosquito Bite Treatment in Randolph, NJ

Walk into Urgi-Med Urgent Care Clinic for the treatment of mosquito and tick bites.

Summer is in full swing and with our warm summer days and nights comes a variety of insects, stings and bug bites. Here at Urgi-Med Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic located at 400 route 10 West, Randolph, New Jersey 07869, we have highly skilled doctors and a staff of trained and licensed medical professionals who can examine your bug bite and provide you with the treatment you need. No appointment needed.

Urgi-Med Urgent Care in Randolph is open seven days a week from 10am – 8pm Monday – Friday and  9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday, so we’re here when you need us. We are conveniently located to serve nearby and surrounding areas of Denville and Rockaway, Nj with the necessary expertise to provide treatment for a multitude of injuries and illnesses.

Some insects and bugs that thrive and are very active during the summer months are ticks and mosquitoes. Below are 2 of the most common insect stings and bug bites we treat at Urgi-Med Urgent Care in Randolph.


Ticks are normally found in plants and brush and can attach to and bite people and animals. Most tick bites are not harmful; however, ticks can carry serious diseases including Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ticks like to hide and attach to warm moist and hard to see parts of the body including the scalp, armpits, groin, skin fold, and other hairy areas. Ticks must be removed properly to minimize the chance of infection.

Some symptoms of Lyme Disease are circular, red, expanding rash, erythema migrans, or a “bullseye” rash, which is one of the first symptoms of Lyme Disease. Other symptoms include fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscles and joint ache, and swollen lymph nodes. Ticks must be attached 36 – 48 hours to spread Lyme Disease. Treatment in the early stages with antibiotics is generally effective. If you or your child are experiencing any of these symptoms, walk into Urgi-Med Urgent Care right away.  Our compassionate and experienced staff will take care of you.

The Ever Annoying Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites can cause itchy hives when they bite. Mosquitos can carry diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever Virus, Malaria, and others. Scratching mosquito bites can also cause infection. You can do your part to prevent mosquito manifestations by draining standing water in your yard and you can keep them out of your home by placing screens on windows and doors.

Mosquitos peak hours are dusk and dawn. Protect yourself during these times by using insect repellent or avoid going outdoors during dusk and dawn. If you are bitten and the following symptoms occur, walk into Urgi-Med Urgent Care in Randolph to consult with our doctor. Symptoms such as a rash on your chest, stomach, or back, fever, headache, body aches, nausea, vomiting or swollen lymph glands.

If you get an insect bite or sting and you’re not sure what to do, visit Urgi-Med Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic and let us help. With a quick diagnosis and treatment, you will be on the road to recovery.