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Urgent Care Near Succasunna, NJ

Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center is open daily providing minor injury and illness treatment for children and adults no appointment is necessary.

Unless you are a professional daredevil, illnesses and injuries are rarely predictable. They come and go as they please like annoying relatives. Waiting for days for your primary care doctor or your child’s pediatrician may be impractical if you are seriously ill or injured. No one likes the long waits and high costs of a traditional emergency room. “Where is there an urgent care center near me in Succasunna?” you may ask yourself. The answer is Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center. Our state of the art urgent care facility is only a short drive away and we can treat a number of non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.

Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center’s physicians near Succasunna are highly experienced in adult and pediatric urgent care medicine. Our walk-in clinic provides many of the services of a hospital emergency room but with less wait and at a more affordable cost without sacrificing high quality care. Accidently cut yourself while working on a project or cooking? Don’t wait hours to be seen by a doctor. Come in right away and we’ll patch you up. Stitches are just one of the many urgent care services we offer during our clinic hours. No appointment is ever needed at our medical clinic to see our providers.

Besides getting immediate care for illnesses and injuries, Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center also offers other everyday patient services that also do not require you to make an appointment. Need a physical for school, athletics, or for a job? Bring in your paperwork and we’ll give you a thorough examination and fill out everything you need. Traveling overseas? As you pack for your trip, come in so we can pack your immune system with up to date vaccines as suggested by the CDC. Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center also has a state of the art digital x-ray and lab onsite to provide immediate diagnostic results for our doctors. Residents in Succasunna should consider us as a community resource that is available to them when they need us. Our extended open hours during the week and weekend hours gives you the flexibility to fit us into your schedule, not the other way around.

Employers in Succasunna, send any current or potential employees to Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center for a medical check up to make sure they are fit to work. Increase workplace safety with yearly physicals and drug testing to reduce downtime of your employees and increase productivity. Our experienced doctors are experts in occupational medicine. If someone suffers an unfortunate workplace accident, send them to us for immediate treatment. We’ll work with them on a back to work plan that will get them safely back to work as soon as possible. Call our facility today to set up an account to facilitate any visits with us.

Urgi-Med Urgent Care Center near Succasunna, NJ accepts most major health insurance. Do you not have insurance? Call and ask about our discounted self-pay rates for many of our services. We strive to get you in and out the door with the treatment and answers you need to put you on the path to feeling better. Questions? Call our very friendly staff or visit us! We are located at 400 Route 10 West, Randolph, New Jersey 07869.